Stuff They Don't Want You To Know - Hollow Earth

Did the Nazis prove that Earth is hollow? As World War II raged across Europe and the Pacific, the conflict reached every continent on the planet, including Antarctica. Learn more about the little-known Nazi expeditions to Antarctica -- and what they hoped to find there -- in this episode of Stuff They Don't Want You to Know.

Do people still practice magic?

Virtually every ancient civilization had some form of magical beliefs, often intertwined with religion. As humanity's understanding of science and technology evolved, magic seemed set to become another historical footnote. Except, that is, for the people that still practice it today.

Denver International Airport

The Denver International Airport opened in 1995. But some people say it's no ordinary airport, and they believe something lurks beneath the tarmac. Learn more about the conspiracy theories surrounding Denver's airport in this episode.

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Secret Places: The Ark of the Covenant

According to its caretakers, the Ark of the Covenant is real. For centuries the Orthodox Christians of Ethiopia have claimed to possess this biblical artifact, storing it in the Chapel of the Tablet, near the St. Mary Church of Zion. Could the claims be true?

Secret Places: RAF Menwith Hill

Located near North Yorkshire, the RAF Menwith Hill station provides intelligence for both the United Kingdom and United States. But who runs it, exactly? What are they looking for? Tune in to learn more.

Halloween's Urban Legends

Have dead bodies really been mistaken for decorations? Have people really put razors in apples? Are some local places really haunted? Tune in to learn more about modern Halloween legends.

What was the New England vampire panic? - CLASSIC

Between 1799 to 1892, families across New England dug up the corpses of their children, parents and siblings, desecrating the bodies in an effort to prevent them from rising from the grave.

What is Cicada 3301?

While it originated online, the series of puzzles collectively known as Cicada 3301 has spread across the globe, with people finding clues on every inhabited continent. But what is it exactly? Who's behind it, and why? Tune in to learn more.

Are serial killers controlled by a cult? - CLASSIC

Serial killers typically work alone. However, some serial killers have claimed to be part of a nationwide cult -- and some people believe them. Why? After all, this theory relies on the statements of the criminally insane. Learn more in this episode.

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A Haunting 2014: Demon Caught on Tape At Welles House, Real Ghost Haunti...

 Haunting: Demon Caught on Tape At Welles House, Real Ghost Haunting Ep 1. This will be a LIVE 48 Hour Ghost Hunt from one of the most haunted places in America, the Welles House in PA. What will the paranormal team capture on tape during the LIVE paranormal event? Tune in and find out! The Welles House is believed to be haunted by both a demonic presence, and by numerous adult and ghostly manifestations. Some of the types of paranormal activity that have been documented in the past are.

- Unexplained bangs, and scurrying noises from one end of the house to the other.

- Unexplained illnesses and depression.

- Nightly visits from a well-dressed phantom man and the appearance of a ghost of a young girl who walks through doors.

- Shrieks, moans, and crying that seemed to be coming from the attic and within the house's walls.

- Bloody spots appearing on walls and floors in the living room.

- A daughter being pushed down the stairs only to mysteriously float to the bottom of the landing on her feet unhurt.

- Unexplained scratches, in groups of threes, would appear on the resident's bodies.

- Sounds of boots tramping up and down the floors and in the walls of the house when there was no one on the stairs.

- The discovery of little tin box behind one of the chimney bricks in the basement, which contained human molars wrapped with chicken bones placed in the shape of a cross.

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Are Exorcisms Real? - CLASSIC

Human beings have believed in possession -- and exorcism -- for thousands of years. Nowadays most people associate exorcisms with horror movies, but are there any real exorcisms in the modern age?

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Horror Movies 2013 • Svengali 2013 Full Movie English Sub

Vampyr Full Length Horror Movies


The movie is a horror movie about a haunted house in which there stays a ghost of a old woman who kills everybody who tries to stay in that house. This movie is a really scary movie not for light hearten people, and do watch the movie with your house lights ON.