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This year marked the tragic 25thanniversary of the accident at Chernobyl in the Soviet Union. For those who are too young to remember or are not familiar with what happened, on April 26th 1986 nuclear reactor number four exploded forever changing the way the world thought about nuclear power. The town of Pripyat which had the unfortunate luck to be the closest town to Chernobyl stands today as it has since the accident, abandoned.

You can walk into any home in Pripyat and perhaps find dishes on the table waiting to be filled, or books spread out where perhaps a child had been studying. Residence of Pripyat claimed there were some odd occurrences in the days prior to the explosion such as having odd and terrifying nightmares. Some have claimed to have received strange phone calls while others have claimed that there were apparitions to be seen wandering around the town.

Fortunately there were few lives lost that day when reactor number four exploded, but the firefighters that rushed to the scene would all succumb months later. These brave men that rushed into save anyone they could ended up dying slow painful deaths from radiation poisoning. Ironically the beds that the firefighters used while in the hospital would go on to kill others. For some unknown reason the beds that the firefighters used while in the hospital were used for other patients thus contaminating those patients with radiation poisoning. It is unknown exactly how many people died in total from Chernobyl as most fled the area before any quarantine measures could be put into place.

Very few investigations have been conducted at Chernobyl due to the prohibitively high levels of radiation that are still present. For those who have been allowed inside the barricades that are erected around the area claim to have seen shadows lurking in the night and also claim to hear whispering but can never find its source. Some of the shadows that have been seen have the appearance of firemen in full gear making those that have seen them assume these are the same firemen that had lay dying in the hospital months after the explosion.

It may be decades more before proper investigations can be done to deduce whether or not Chernobyl is truly haunted, but from the stories that come from those that have been to the area it may be well worth it. What do you think?
Pripyat funfair

(Image credits:Vivo (Ben) via: BoredPanda)

“Pripyat funfair was due to be opened on May 1st. The Chernobyl disaster happened April 26th.

No one ever managed to ride the ferries wheel. It remains one of the most irradiated parts of Pripyat since the disaster, making it still dangerous today, 22 years on.”

(Image credits:hanszinsli via: BoredPanda)

“Bumper car ride in the amusement park in central Pripyat, it was to be opened on the May 1st celebrations of 1986, five days after the accident”

(Image credits:Pedro Moura Pinheiro via: BoredPanda)

(Image credits:Pedro Moura Pinheiro via: BoredPanda)

“Ferris wheel control or ticket booth in the amusement park .. I’m sure the plush teddy bear was placed there later by someone looking for an emotional photo, but it’s interesting also to document the later attempts of using the accident to achieve certain media goals.”

(Image credits:Vivo (Ben) via: BoredPanda)

“Hospital corridor”.

(Image credits:Vivo (Ben) via: BoredPanda)

“Found just outside the surgery in the hospital. This hospital received many of Reactor 4′s first victims for treatment immediately after the explosion. The hospital itself however was already exposed to huge amounts of radiation.

Every rescue worker who attended the initial explosion was killed by radiation poisoning.”

(Image credits:abandonia via: BoredPanda)

(Image credits:abandonia via: BoredPanda)

(Image credits:abandonia via: BoredPanda)
Swimming Pool

Olympic athletes must have been training here for the 70′s/80′s. The pool is really huge – this place must’ve been the best around.

(Image credits:oinkylicious via: BoredPanda)

(Image credits:oinkylicious via: BoredPanda)
Other buildings

(Image credits:rusocer via: BoredPanda)

“Pripyat, ghost city abandoned after chernobyl catastrophe, has grown to a forest. nature takes over and invades and collapses human creations the views remind some apocalipthic films like I am a Legend; Views from highst building in town, a former Hotel“.
The Chernobyl Power Plant located outside the town of Pripyat, Ukraine (11 miles from the city of Chernobyl) began construction in the 1970s with the first reactor. Over the next few years three more reactors were added and two more were in the middle of construction at the time of the disaster. On April 26, 1986 at 1:23 a.m., the no. 4 reactor was shut down for maintenance. An experiment was being performed to test a safety emergency core cooling feature during the shut down procedure. It's uncertain as to what exact processes led to the explosions but a disruption in regulation seem to be a part of it.

The first explosion was that of steam. Steam from the wrecked channels entered the reactor inner space that caused the destruction of the reactor casing, tearing off and lifting by the force of 2,000 tons the upper plate. This ruptured further fuel channels, the reactor core suffered total water loss and a high positive void coefficient could entirely appear.The second explosions occurred seconds after the first. Some theorized the second explosion was caused by the hydrogen which had been produced either by the overheated steam-zirconium reaction or by the reaction of red-hot graphite with steam that produce hydrogen and oxygen. Others believed it was more nuclear or a thermal explosion of the reactor as a result of the uncontrollable escape of fast neutrons, caused by the complete water loss in the reactor core. Either way it was considered the worst nuclear power plant disaster in history. The fallout released was four times more than the atomic bombing of Hiroshima.

The explosions caused a chain reaction. The fire in Reactor 4 burned until May 10th, 1986 before it was finally extinguished thanks to Helicopters dropping sand and lead as well as injecting liquid nitrogen in to it. Radioactive particles were released in to the air. Smoke and wind carried it in to the nearby town as well as across international borders. Most of the radioactive fallout landed in Belarus. Light nuclear rain fell as far as Ireland. Over 336,000 people were evacuated. 600,000 people were exposed to radiation. Two people died in the initial steam explosion, but fifty-six people (47 accident workers and 9 children with thyroid cancer) directly died due to the disaster. There were as many as 4,000 cancer related deaths from those exposed to radiation. The nearby pine forest turned ginger brown and died earning the name "Red Forest". Horses left behind during the evacuation died due to destroyed thyroid glands. Some cattle also died but of those that survived, suffered stunted growth due to thyroid damage. Wild animals in the worst-hit areas either died or stopped reproducing.

After the disaster, all work on reactors 5 and 6 halted. Reactor 4 was sealed off with 660ft of concrete placed between the disaster site and operational buildings. A fire broke out in the turbine building of reactor 2 in 1991. It was declared beyond repair and shut down. Reactor 1 was decommissioned in November 1996 as part of a deal between the Ukrainian government and international organizations such as the IAEA. Then-President Leonid Kuchma personally turned off Reactor 3 in an official ceremony on December 15, 2000, shutting down the plant entirely.

The accident led to alleged governmental cover-ups and ghost towns. Pripyat has become somewhat a wildlife reserve. Most of those who were evacuated never came back. About 400 people were allowed to resettle in the Excursion Zone as along as they never request money or aid if they become ill. Since 2002, tours are provided for all those who want to see the infamous site.

Is the Chernobyl Power Plant haunted? Josh Gates and the Destination Truth team investigated the area and will determine whether or not eyewitness claims are true.

Some believe aliens were involved with the disaster. Witnesses claimed to have seen a UFO hovering above the plant for six hours during the accident. Three years later, a Doctor Gospina stated he saw an "amber-like" object above the plant. A year after that, a reporter photographed an object similar to the one Gospina described hovering above the disaster site.

A creature known as the Black Bird of Chernobyl was also sighted days leading up to the disaster. It is described as a large black, bird like creature or a headless man with a 20 foot wingspan, and red eyes. It has been compared to that of the Mothman in Point Pleasant, West Virginia. This creature has not been seen since the disaster. People experienced horrific nightmares, threatening phone calls and first-hand encounters with the winged-beast. Did they really see an unknown creature or was it something out of nature such as the black stork? We may never know.

The Pripyat, the Chernobyl worker town, is believed to be haunted. People have had the feeling of being watched when walking past the city hospital. Considering it looks like the aftermath of an apocalypse, that feeling may be anything but supernatural. Apparitions and shadows are often seen. Some have even reported being touched. But could the spirits of its victims be roaming the affected areas? We'll find out on Wednesday during the first paranormal investigation of Chernobyl.

>>[Warning: Classified Material. Assigned to S.U. Branch 1-E0, SEC 009343405-C, 7/15/1997]

The following pages have been copied journal that was recovered in Chernobyl, Ukraine by a U.S. strike team sent in on 3/8/1997.

>>U.S. Log 001- Due to the amount of radiation on(in) the journal, I will not have enough time to include every entry. Only the main parts.


Today the S.U. assigned my research team to Chernobyl. Avar requested that we should be airdropped in. As always- Request granted. I must say, I'm kind of nervous due to the high radiation levels in that place. And the hazmat suits aren't ventilated... Oh Jesus, this is going to suck. It's 10:30 and I have to rest. I've got a big day tomorrow.

We're on the helicopter right now and the sky looks like a sheet of gray. We've been in the air for two hours now and the ETA is 10 minutes... I'm scared and regret taking this job now.

Alright- We're on the ground. But we didn't land... Our helicopter's motor gave out as soon as we flew over the outskirts- Almost like we were pulled down... I swear, I saw something fly past the helicopter. The pilots dead and the rest of us are pretty beat up.

There's no backup generator in the heli for the radio, so now we're virtually stranded. We'd head back through the woods but the radiation level is too great and were about 100 miles from any town that isn't covered in nuclear fallout. As we set up camp for the night, we saw old, dry blood on the floor and walls of the nearby hospital. Nothing unusual, I guess. I don't know what's going on, but it's scary.

It's morning. Last night, I kept hearing strange noises. It was almost as if something was being dragged across a rusty metal floor. Must've been an animal... Yakut is trying to contact HQ with the emergency radio but there's no response. I'm so tired of this suit and a crashed helicopter is not the best place to sleep. My head hurts and my legs ache of non stop walking.

Three days have passed and no response from HQ. I wonder if our radio code is cut off or it needs to be updated... Either way, we're not getting any evac. I'm starting to smell like a dead animal. I just need a shower...

Our food is starting to disappear and one of our squad members is starting to go insane. He said that when he was on guard duty last night, he saw a young boy with no arms and no eyes walking in the west courtyard... Maybe our destiny is to go crazy. I sure hope not...

Yakut and I woke up to gunshots in the morning, and our food and most of our ammo is gone. I wonder if Tatar took it... We are going to look for him right now and investigate. My skin is becoming itchy and the smell is horrible.

We went to the building that Yakut suggested... We made contact with that thing that Tatar saw... There's more than one and they're all hostile... None of them look the same. We managed to kill one of them... It almost looked like a spider. With an infant's body and face. The eyes were split in half and the legs were extremely elongated, almost around four feet each. No matter how much we shot it, it wouldn't go down. Take. Off. The. Limbs. It wont kill them right away, but it leaves them immobile. Soon, they will bleed out. As the one we injured bled out, it let out a blood churning scream. It sounded like six voices at once- Almost impossible to describe. We also found Tatar's body... His face was all mangled and... His gun. It was in pieces scattered across the floor...

As I was writing my last entry, Yakut and I were ambushed. I ran to the nearest room... I guess that scream attracted more. That proves that whatever those are, they have the ability to communicate. Yakut... I locked the door too soon... I had to... I heard his AK go off and heard him run. Shit. They're trying to get in.

I'm almost sure that I'm going to die here... There is no food and bunch of things out there. I managed to see more of them. Tons of them. Most of them seem to be women and children with horrible deformations. I think they're victims of the accident... How can they stay alive? Some of them don't even have eyes, and others have such a thin skin you can even see the organs.

Some are like spiders, others are radiated to the point where you cant even tell they're human. I saw two... Two that had wings. I'm estimating around a ten or eleven meter wingspan...

And believe me, they can sure as hell fly. They have claws that are very thick and around a meter long and their entire ribcage is missing, replaced by thousands of fungus like strings that just dangle. It's NOT hair or fur. Jesus, this is like a never-ending nightmare.

I have seen the devil... That... That "thing" that took Yakut... That was no animal... As far as I can tell. There's only one of this kind... Just pale white, webbed fingers and feet, no reproductive organs, no arms-just hands coming out of the shoulders... No eyes, and the legs are reverse jointed. That is what fear looks like.

I can't sleep... I am so afraid of them. Even though I can't see them at night, I'm still scared. The fear of death keeps me awake.

I am so hungry. Not as much thirsty. I've been drinking water from a broken pipe in here... Every time I take off my gas mask to drink, I get a headache. The radioactivity is killing me.

I can hear babies crying. Are there survivors? No... Not here. I think I'm going to sneak out tonight. If I can't see them, they can't see me. But what if they can smell me... I'll bring my AK-47 along- Just in case.

I ventured down the hallway to the door at the end. It was locked, so I turned left. In the first room to my right, I saw blood, organs and cracked bones strewn all over. They weren't adult bones... They were infants... What kind of fucking sick creatures are these? This means only the most basic primal instincts are left in them... I want to die. This place is hell. Literally. My stomach burns. I must be sick.

I can hear some them sniffing the room's door. They know I am here. And my skin is starting to become weak. The lightest touch bruises it... I'm scared.

They were looking into the helicopter's wreckage... They took the pilot's body. Now it's 1:30 am. At least, that's what my watch says. I'm going to try and get some sleep.

I just woke up... I can hear gunshots. It's not AK shots... There's bolt action and semi-automatic. It's not... It's not Yakut... I can see shadowy figures outside. With guns. Then- They vanished. I'm tired, I must be hallucinating... I think I'm insane... I'm going to help myself... I'm going to end this nightmare.. I'm going to end it... Help myself by ending it... There's a window in this room... And a balcony. A beautiful balcony- Oh such a beautiful balcony... Almost perfect for jumping...

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Chicago ghost tour of haunted Archer Ave

Chicago ghost tour of haunted Archer Ave on Pinterest
Chet's Melody Lounge
Chicago ghost tour haunted locations of Archer Avenue and more on Pinterest Chicago Paranormal Tour Site with map.
The Chicago paranormal collection of locations are mainly in the Southwest Side Suburbs just outside of Chicago. Since 1974 and at the age of 16 years old I have been experiencing the locations and it started with Bachelor's Grove Cemetery.
All the information about the Chicago haunted locations back then were being showcased by only one person, Mr. Richard Crowe. He was the first Chicago Ghost Story Teller, Researcher and Historian about these locations. I listened and followed up with what I heard from Richard Crowe as I did not have to travel any distance to explore and experience the locations back then in 1974 and at the time of writing this I am 55 on 12/19/13.
I have from birth lived in the area that is within five minutes of Resurrection Mary's stomping grounds, Resurrection Cemetery and just a couple minutes down the road from the cemetery is the other known location of Resurrection Mary, The Willowbrook Ballroom in Willow Springs, IL. All the rest are within 15 minutes from my home.
So it should not be of any surprise that I have become a paranormal host for specific locations and have even discovered a few like Al Capone's Cullerton Hotel, Senator John Humphrey House, Valentine's Chicago Boys and Girls Club and a home that was Willow Springs Mayor White's home. I have assisted in the past those ghost tours that travel down to the South
Al Capone's Cullerton Hotel
Al Capone's Cullerton Hotel
Suburbs, as they had the story teller about the locations on the bus tour and I would provide the experiences for the individuals on the tours.
November of 2013 I did my broadcast of The Unexplained World Internet radio show and listed over 30 paranormal locations I have experienced and explored. I only share those that I have experienced and explored and they are the only ones I write about or talk about. You can hear the podcast at: The Unexplained World Internet radio show.
Lets not forget the two 'Free' paranormal magazines I have on line. #1 isParanormal & Spiritual World News Free Magazine # 2 is the Bachelors Grove Cemetery Tribute - Free Magazine. Also one final publication that comes out daily and I created it, the free online newspaper The Paranormal and Spirit World Newspaper - daily online newspaper.
I hope you enjoy what I have listed here as they are all free and once you get to the Pinterest site listed at the top of this article, you will find one free surprise waiting for all to download and it is free.
Edward Shanahan - Paranormal Host and Entertaining Psychic Reader
Web site for Edward Shanahan
Facebook Page for Edward Shanahan
Chicago Paranormal Nights - Explore and Experience

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