Dark Entities

First off, there are a host of different types of entities. Trying to come up with a comprehensive list would be an article on it's own. But, in [extreme] brief, some of the more common include spirits/ghosts (the "soul" or essence of a person who has passed or who is non-corporeal); residual energy/poltergeist (mere energy without a driving soul or thought that is left over like a stain or imprint on a place or object); and demons/elementals/fae/etc. (non-human entities that come in all shapes, sizes, dispositions and intentions.)

Secondly, because there is such a range out there, and because it can be hard to know which are helpful, which are harmful and which are merely curious, it's important to always be polite. No really. Asking nicely tends to get you much further than ordering, commanding or arguing. Try respect first.

Third, no matter what type of entity it is, it needs your permission to physically interact with you. Stop and think about that for a moment. No matter what you fear might happen, you do have a level of control because of this basic rule of the universe. Entities can - and will - try to trick you into giving permission, and may physically interact with non-living things in an effort to obtain their desire, but unless you allow them, you do have a built-in level of safety. Which brings me to....

Do not open doors you can't close. It's often easy to start something but extremely difficult to stop it. The easiest way to prevent problems is to keep them from happening to being with. So please, when you get the idea to summon up something, just don't.

If you find yourself in a situation where you're out of control, frightened or otherwise lost, the first step is to calm down and try to re-center. Take steps to cleanse yourself and your surroundings. This too often goes further then you'd think if you approach it with strong intent and clear mind.

A great way to cleanse your energy/aura is to take a ritual saltwater bath. Sea salt is best, but even regular table salt will work. Using a washcloth, slowly and with the focus of cleansing any negative energy or attachments, slowly wash your body, visualizing that you are purifying and removing all bad energy. Breath slowly and deeply, and really take your time to truly see yourself disconnecting anything that is dark, bad, or harmful from your body and your energy.

Another alternative to salt is lavender. It's very calming and can help you reach a mind state of relaxation and purity.

Additionally, never underestimate the power of meditation. It need not be anything formal. Merely taking some time to sit down, focus on your breathing can go a long way. As you breathe, pull in positive, clean and pure energy; as you exhale, push out the dirty, negative and tainted energy. Find your center and try to connect with the rhythm of the earth. Even ten minutes of this will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Ease yourself back into your regular breathing and continue on with your day.

Dark entities....why they are here-how to spot one..
Most of you people dont know about Dark, and white entities. 70% of earth has humans who are dark entities. 30% are white. When God created us all, there was lots who turned the "other way". Here is why some people are born dark, and why some people are born white. (this has NOTHING to do with skin color). This is only about our souls..Read here:
What is the purpose of Dark Entities?
The Dark entity is for everyone to gain experiance. Without dark souls, or gray souls on this planet, you would never have anything to bounce off. So we are convinced that they are a part of the total scheme.

For example, why does someone like Ted Bundy, who looked "all right", become a serial killer?? You could've sat in a class with him, and he would have seemed like a nice, polite, man. The soul chooses from the very beginning. Greed, jealousy, or avarice is the source of every wrong or evil. The dark entities cannot wait to come into life because they get riches, beauty, glamour, and everything else they want. Now that does not mean that everyone who attains beauty and glamour and riches is a dark soul-of course not! Some felt they would rather be top dog on the dark side than just a small light on the big side. What they did not realize was that in the larger picture, their light would have been brighter.

The dark perfected in their own way, because they became bad exactly as we became good. We have to stay away from them, but we learn from the evil they do.

How to spot a dark soul:

They are usually a conglomerate group. They do not have guides as you do, it is just a whole group of them that wander around, living this life. They have no guidence-NOR no conciousness of whatever bad they do here on earth. Every wonder why you meet someone, and try to find SOMETHING good about that person...but no matter how hard you try...cant find anything good about them? They are most likely a dark soul. A dark entity is a very nebulous type. They are down here for destructive purposes, and that is all. A trained assassin does not need any guidence. So they do not have divine reciprocation. Dark entities do not stay on The Other Side after they die. They are pushed immediately into life again and again. Those-and suicides come right back in.
Does a Dark entity have any good aspects about them?

It is NOT a person who is simply in a bad mood, or even someone who insane and has a psychotic episode. Even that does not mean that they are a dark soul. A dark entity is trully the highest form of sociopathic personality. There is no guilt or remorse, no depth of love or any feelings from these people-EVER. They are almost like "cyborgs"; they have hard, dead eyes and a rigid demeanor. They CAN be charming, but everything is metalis about them. They are uncaring and greedy, and they step on everyone. You may heard someone say again, "No matter how far and how deep I looked, I could NOT find a good thing about this person!"> That is a dark entity! Do they always have abusive childhoods? Sometimes. But sometimes they also have perfect childhoods.

Do we chart dark entities as our children?

Yes we do. Many dark souls will come through white parents, or white souls will be born by a dark parent. This is one test in life that can be the greatest learning challange to advance anyone's soul>than for a white entity to be born of a dark one, or vice versa. Here is your midst you then have this "bad seed" running around.

They can take their toll on you. White souls will be accosted by those dark ones. When you are writing your life chart, you will deliberately pick a dark entity to be in your midst for you to learn from during that life. A dark soul is pretty much a shallow drum. They are guarded and driven by a dark force and seem to be almost totally sociopathic, borderline people. They dont seem to ever have any consciouness within themselves. They are usually people who are totally bent torward destruction. Drugs are the darks forces' friend, or anything that puts the soul out of control.

Are there different levels of white souls/entities?

There are. The ones you can judge are the dark ones. If you ever happen to meet someone whom you feel is dark-you will know it right away. Many people have told me that they get instant goosebumps..and a "bad feeling" almost right away.

How do dark entities affect us?

They know every single emotional trigger point you have. The best one they know of-is despair. Some of them are also psycho path killers. or evil dictators.

Who controls dark entities? God?
. They are out of control. If they were in control, we would not have any problems here on earth. When we choose to come down here to beat all hardships-have been usually started way before time, from dark entities.

NO. Because they are so fresh coming from the Other side. By the time a child reaches about 10 years old though, it really begins to fade away. Children (belive it or not), are usually highly sensative to ghosts, and dark souls..thats why when a child tells you, "Mommy I do not like him or her," (especially if they had no reason to say it), you ought to listen. Or if they say, "Mommy, that is a mean man or lady," then take notice!

You Create Your Reality

You see? Those who focus on such entities will indeed invite them in. The person will be sure that the entities made their appearance and then s/he started focusing on them. This is the great illusion of three-dimensional reality: that something happens outside you, and then you form a belief out of that experience. The truth is that you believe something first; then out of that belief you create events that you "seem" to experience. You create everything in your world, and although there are now a multitude of books that affirm this fact, it is still one of the hardest things for people to believe. We strongly suggest that understanding that you create your own reality is critical to all all acts of personal empowerment, most especially manifesting abundance in all areas of your life. And we will cover this thoroughly in the next issue of this publication.


The fourth dimension is not a realm of their existence. The human being who takes his own life has a deep impact on his multi-dimensional selves. It is a big setback for them. Those who move to fourth dimension are largely those who have completed three-dimensional learnings and issues. What you term as "entities hanging out in fourth dimension" really has more to do with those who have learned to manifest and materialize instantly but are not content to grow with that and move to fifth dimension. They still feel the third dimension calling to them and wish to apply their manifesting skills there for the temptation of ego-gratification. This temptation exists at all dimensions of development.

You may, for example, achieve seventh dimension and turn too much to power over others. For example, those entities (who may well be channeling through people) such as Ramtha got very attached to three-dimensional temptations. So what you are interpreting as entities interfering . . . they are not normally what you term "dark" entities from the fourth dimension; they are merely interfering in third dimension with their newly discovered abilities to manifest. They are much like spiritual pirates on the high seas. Your laughter at this moment is exactly the way you should relate to them--giving them NO power. They are "outlaws"; but they have no power over you when you are truly in the love vibration--in what we referred to as a balance between self-love and service to others.

It varies whether certain beings who have "passed over" but have not gone to the light exist in fourth dimension. It is possible to ascend after the releasing of the body in three dimensions. As we have explained, what you call reincarnational lives are really simultaneous lives. Each of these other three-dimensional lives is affecting your growth in this life, and vice-versa. It has been suggested in the various books on this subject, truly, that in order to ascend you (and this is one of the few times that we use this strong language of "must)" must become conscious of these other lives.

What is holding many people back is that they are still immersed in the illusions of three-dimensional reality in all of their simultaneous lives. If in just one life the consciousness expands to a certain point, the consciousness of the One (which some have termed "Christ consciousness"), this opens up the same possibility for the other multidimensional lives. You see, you are a seed self of your Higher Self. Each of your other lives in third dimension is a seed self of your Higher Self. So as each of these multidimensional lives achieves the consciousness of that Higher Self (meaning your Core Soul Self, your Exalted Self), then it is possible to become conscious of the next level, which we have termed the Oversoul. This is apart from your conception of dimensions. These are all expressions of the same Self. And this is the microcosm that the First Set represents: the relationship of The Source to all its creations.

This was a historic event. All Dark Entities - the entire Reptilian species who have created misery and pain to humankind - were removed from the Earth plane to be taken to the Light.

Listen to the personal story of guest Michelle Holliday, who had been the human host for Reginald, the Reptilian Leader. Reginald's apology, followed by the massive ceremony.

Archangel Gabriella, accompanied by her Twin Flame Lucifer, increased her Light column to a blazing beacon, and sounded her trumpet to announce the welcoming of all Reptilian entities to be brought to the Light.

Thousands of Masters attended in full dress, as the massive procession of Reptilians, drawn to Gabriella and Lucifer's Light, passed through to the welcoming arms of the Masters and the Arcturian healers who accompanied them Home.

The procession was directed by Prince Reginald, their leader, who ushered the thousands of Reptilians through the receiving process to be restored to full consciousness and the ability to love.

With narration and commentary by Lori Cantwwell, (Aurora), Kathryn, and a wrap up and final blessing with Father God, who proclaimed that all humankind is now free to begin a new life.

The subject of Dark Force and spiritual entities is not a very popular one.

The idea that something– something not you is somehow influencing your actions or affecting your life– that’s not a fun thought.

It’s maybe even a little bit scary.

Who ya gonn call?

Undesirable Spiritual Entities

Here’s good news: Nothing and no-one can harm you without your permission, even if that permission is on an emotional or soul level, rather than a conscious one.

When compared to the physical level, carrying around spiritual entities is kind of like having parasites. Really, they are parasites, but what we regard as dark force is on the spiritual plane.

I have a theory about entity possession: What we call an entity, bad spirit, or even a demon, I believe can safely be termed negative energy. These “bad energy” somethings are “nourished” by negative emotions, like anger and fear.

If you have physical parasites, you would want to make your body inhospitable to them; use herbs or homeopathics the bugs don’t like; maybe take away what they like you to eat.

With spiritual parasites, the approach is sometimes similar– do something to run the bugger off, and make yourself a “bad host.” This will almost always mean a change in attitude and behavior, sometimes even a change of environment.

Purifying your thoughts isn’t always so easy, that may be why we (humans) came up with the idea of group worship services (church, temple, circle). It’s a lot easier to maintain a positive persona in a group of like-minded positive people.

So be careful who you hang around with. You never know “who else” might be there, too, just waiting to hitch a ride.

I’ve been told that a hospital emergency room is a great place to pick up these dark force “hitch hikers.” Think about it– like rats leaving a sinking ship, they need somewhere to go if their host is on its way out.

So don’t be available for them. Stay in prayer; keep your “vertical connection” with Source (Creator). Sing, or at least, listen to sacred and other high-frequency music. Read sacred text or scripture. Do nice things for people: spread Joy. These actions are your best “vaccine” and make you unattractive to spiritual entities.

You can’t tell an angry person not to be angry– just makes them mad. So-called anger issues can be associated with an undesirable entity; it becomes a self-fulfilling circle. The negative emotion (anger) “feeds” the “bad energy” something, which then goes on to create more anger.

It’s difficult to convince a fearful person not to be afraid– it scares them to think that here is one more situation they can’t assess correctly: they’re afraid of “nothing.”

Practically ALL of the energy in existence is in the unseen (or unmanifest) world. What you see with your eyes is only a very small percent of Reality.

Spiritual healers “cast out demons” when dealing with the sick and obsessed (Hey- if it’s good enough for Jesus, it’s good enough for me). Once spiritual entities are removed, the body can recuperate, sometimes even instantly (we call that a miracle), more often in hours, days, or weeks.

Many illnesses have a “dark side” to them. Jesus knew about these dark forces and called them by name.

It appears that one of the Laws of the Universe commands spiritual entities to obey your spoken word. Talk to the unwanted visitor and demand that it leave (“Get thee behind me..”). Ask God (or the Universe or your angels or guides…) to help you to say the right words.

Fasting and prayer can be helpful in establishing and keeping your “vertical” (to the Creator) connection open. Use the power of Faith. Faith is an inner connection between you and the universe. Depression is as unlikely in the presence of faith, as darkness in the presence of light.

And by now, we know that emotions like fear, anger, and depression are both magnet and nourishment for undesirable spiritual entities– Dark Force.


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