Evil Beings

It is well known that evil is not inherent in the genetics or soul of any race of creatures, however there are many species that generally fall under evil influences of one sort or another. This may be because they were created by a master whose sole purpose in forming them was to do dark work. For them, evil is the world they were born into, and rebellion against it is nearly impossible. Most creatures do not consider them selves evil, and are only labeled such due to a difference in opinion with our own human concepts of goodness. These include wild beasts whose instinct is to treat us as prey, and societies which value violent and war like actions.
While generally evil is due to a difference in opinions, there are some species and some societies that actually value evil in its own right. Species include many half-living beings that have lost the conscious power to decide between good and evil. Evil societies are usually anarchist, or are indoctrinated with selfishness and destruction.

Below you will find a list of many of the evil mystical creatures that are known at the present time. As new discoveries are made, and new creatures are uncovered, this list will update to reflect the new information. While we have included those races which tend to be most insidious, their inclusion on the list does not mean every member of that species is evil, and while you should always use caution around them you should also be open to the possibility of their redemption.

Werewolves - Not always evil sometimes they can gain enough control over themselves to actually function in society. Unfortunately the initial change from person to wolf often brings a wild violence which can become intoxicating to the animalistic portions of a persons soul, forever poisoning them and making it nearly impossible to gain any conscious control over their minds.

Vampires - Like werewolves vampires can sometimes gain enough control over themselves to choose between moralities and evil, however this is a monumentally difficult task. For starters, vampires require human blood to survive. When they do not have access to it, they become very week, start feeling pain, they will often lose their powers, and eventually they become frenzied to a point where they can no longer restrain themselves, and they wildly pursue human blood. This frenzy will often result in them running after prey into open sunlight, or murdering in a public place, and often ends in the vampire's destruction. In some rare cases however, the vampire can use their psychic powers to prey only on those who are suicidal, or are murderers themselves, thus gaining some measure of goodness in their actions.

Dragons - The idea that all dragons are evil is a gross misconception. Most dragons have such intelligence and consciousness that they can choose their nature for themselves. This means that just like humans, some dragons are good and some are evil. For those dragons which are less intelligent, and have only beast like cognizance, they will hunt humans as prey and so are generally considered evil. However this is like calling a bear evil. This misconception has led to the extinction of many lower level dragons. Generally, the more intelligent and powerful a dragon is, the more likely it is to be civil, although not necessarily personable.

Humans - humans are widely considered one of the most evil of mystical creatures. Although they have the intelligence to choose between good and evil, they are most likely to simply listen to their base instincts, which while sometimes useful, often leads them to make the most short-sighted and selfish decision possible. While they do not for the most part accept their own mystical heritage, it is widely recognized by the elder races that they are indeed mystical, and are actually quite dangerous to their own planet, surrounding star systems, and many of the parallel universes which are closest to them. In their defense they do occasionally produce individuals of such extreme goodness, that they can not only overcome the great evil cloud that surrounds this race, but that they can raise the conscience and spirit of the entire people.

Orcs - Orcs are a widely varying race with colonies on Earth, Azeroth, Middle Earth, and in many other places. They are usually a shamanistic, warlike culture that emphasizes personal profit and power. Often compared to humans they are actually most closely related to elves, usually springing from a sinister genetic experiment or mutation which occurs across several generations. While they are most well known as a great nemesis of human kind, the two races have actually joined together on several occasions, usually to overcome some more powerful force which threatened them both. It is also interesting to note that although they emphasize selfishness and violence, they are also a very communal race, which values music, the tribe, and belongingness.

Goblins - Goblins are a very clever and innovative race. While vaguely mystical, they generally prefer the word of nuts and bolts, and are famous for the fantastic mechanical wonders they produce. Commonly selfish and obsessive, they have been known to destroy large forests and meadows in order to build factories where they produce their strange machines. This has brought them into conflict with many of the elder and natural races, most of which are considered good in nature, and so has earned the goblins a general rating as an evil race. However, they are not destructive for its own sake, and they will often collaborate with humans or other species on mutual building and construction projects.

Trolls - Trolls generally have very low intelligence. Traditional loners, what societies they do form consist of loose knit collectives, forced together by the will of a powerful shaman or warrior. When trolls come together in a group, it is almost always to make war. Luckily their wars are usually conducted on themselves, and this intense infighting prevents them from bothering surrounding peoples too often.

Mulk - A Mulk is a talking bird with a terrible sense of humor. Its main form of nourishment is the misery of living beings, making it nearly impossible for them to be moral or positive in any way. Living in forests they usually gain sustenance by destroying the plants and trees in the habitat, and generally annoying the indigenous creatures. However it particularly loves the misery of beings with higher intelligence, and if it detects one entering its territory it will immediately fly to them and try to exploit as much of their personal unhappiness as possible. This can be accomplished by laying traps for the unwary travelers, squawking loudly to keep them up all through the night, and waiting for some misfortune to befall them then flying to the nearest tree top and heckling them.

Ogre - Ogres tend to live alone in swamps and other moist areas. They will only join together in groups of two or three at the most and then only to mate. They have varying degrees of intelligence, and some can be rather pleasant, however the average ogre is mean and looks on smaller creatures such as humans as food. They also seam to be envious of races with greater aesthetic beauty such as elves, and will often capture their maidens and keep captive as personal trophies.

Be Careful When Contacting Angels On Your Own

The Torah and the Bible advise people to be careful when they're contacting angels on their own rather than waiting for God to bring angels into their lives according to his will. If you contact angels yourself, you can’t choose which angels will respond, say Jews and Christians. A fallen angel may use your decision to reach out to angels rather than directly to God as an opportunity to manipulate you while disguised as a holy angel. 2 Corinthians 11:14 of the Bible says that Satan, who leads the fallen angels, “masquerades as an angel of light” and the angels who serve him “masquerade as servants of righteousness.”

Beware of False Messages

The Torah and the Bible caution that fallen angels may speak as false prophets, and says in Jeremiah 23:16 that false prophets “speak visions from their own minds, not from the mouth of the Lord.” Satan, whom the fallen angels follow, is “a liar and the father of lies,” according to John 8:44 of the Bible.

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